What are the Ways to Improve UX

When dealing with your end customers, you need to take yourself up according to ways to attract them. You need to understand that no matter how hard you try on your products, if your products are not appealing to your end consumer, you may not make any sales.

Hence, a business website or any app that your own has the strength to leave a very lasting impression on your consumers. 

If that impression is good or bad, both sides of the coin will affect how you perform in your business. Because of the web and potential mobile impact, business executives have now started spending time and their precious resources on improving the UX through user experience research.

So how can you improve your UX? The following are a few ways to do so:

1. Taking The Consultative Approach To Improving UX

When you are selling your products, it is possible that many of your customers don’t have the technical information about your products. Hence, it would help if you tried revamping your sales funnel to take on the sales process’s consultative approach.

It will then create three distinct sales funnels that are now based on the consumers’ skill level. You can take, for example, straight to the shopping cart for professionals and Q/A for novices. 

2. Determining The Call To Action

CTAs are one other very important aspect of making sales and making your consumers buy from you. You must always keep experimenting with your Call to Action buttons or flow. To properly optimize, make sure the number one action you are optimizing for.

For a few, it may be the contact us for more information, so that all you do in your design and UX comes together for that. Once you have a clear idea of what you want your user to do, A/B tests some of your different approaches to view what will work best. 

3. Testing And Monitoring

You can use screen capture tools to see what people are doing on your site, host user testing days when you can observe people using your website live, and listen to them when they narrate their experience. While you do this, pay attention to the metrics on your site. These three methods will tell us where people are having the most troubles, what their opinions are about your site, and what they are doing in numbers. 

4. Implementing Responsive Web Design

RWD is the web design approach aimed at crafting sites to give an optimal viewing user experience, which includes reading and navigating with the minimum of planning, resizing, and scrolling.

It is done on many devices, such as desktop to mobile phones. 

5. Making It Social

Make sure you are trying to make it easy for your visitors to connect with you on many social platforms. You can try including links to the social networks on each page, not only for the heck of it but because social sites are where visitors can interact. They can get a better feel for who you are as a company and a brand. 

6. Tracking on what is hot and trending and what’s not:

You can use tracking tools to track and understand what your users do on your sites. These tools can give you visual heat maps and scroll maps to show you where the users click and what they are doing.

You can use this information to change your site, increasing the conversion. Using these tools, you can add elements that improve the user experience.

7. Trying The Good Old Fashioned Testing

Many tools let you improve the user experience you have on your website and apps. It can go to the level of watching videos of their mouse that move on screen.

But you can always benefit from the good old fashion person usability testing. You can get easy and affordable rates for such usability testings.

These were a few ways you can improve your overall user experience, and it is efficient enough to help you grow in front of your customers. This will allow you to make more and more sales and let you understand your consumers lots more and better.

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